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the homebirth of Charlie Rose

After showing up to Kristen’s second birth that I have attended (you can read about the crazy first one here) she asks

“is this what it’s normally like when you show up at a birth?” (because the first was was far from ordinary)

…uhmmm… no.

but that is the beauty of it.
the excitement and sweet anxiety of the unknown but inevitable.
the waiting. the anticipation. the rushes and 3 am conversations.
the telling my birth story for the eightieth time. like it is the first time.
the sisterhood of women in waiting.
the sleep deprivation. the gas station cappuchino.
the teamwork. holding the space.
being quiet and loud and laughing and holding still.
the ebb and the flow and the relinquishing of control.
the patience that gives permission to take the long way.
the unspoken understanding.
the complete disconnect from the rest of the world.
the bond. the hugs. the corporate holding of breath.
the collective and powerful elation.
the beginning. the middle. the end.
the not knowing where one leaves off and another begins.
the trusting in the process.
the groans. the struggle.
the fears coming in and the fears taking their exit.
the high. the oxytocin hurricane.
new life in the in-between space.
the breath and the cry.
then we can breathe and we can cry.

I suppose they all really are the same..


Sheppard Birth from Allie Bennett on Vimeo.


Love you guys. Thanks for always trusting me and wanting me to be part of your sacred moments. Very glad we got to actually get the video this time!





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