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LaDeaux Family – Kaysun’s three month session!

I have photographed this sweet family since Steph was pregnant with Kylie, three years ago! That girl has a super well documented life so far! Kaysun isn’t getting left out though, as they are doing my baby plan for the second time! This is Kaysun’s three month session, which was a part of my January at the Hackett Hotel sessions. I just love them. =)







Stephanie - February 17, 2014 - 5:59 pm

Thank you so much Allie for capturing these! I will always treasure the photos of both Kylie & Kayson. :)

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Meet the Millers

I have been super excited about 2014 and the plans for this year. One of the big reasons is I get to see my baby plan folks for 6 month and one year photos. In 2014, I am doing scheduling a bit differently, to accommodate my little girl and the life I have desired for a while now. So to achieve that, I am attempting to shoot everything except the occasional birth and some newborn sessions in the one weekend each month. Many reasons for this but a main one being that shooting multiple families in the same setting is only going to push me creatively and also allow me time to perfect using the space, as opposed to shooting somewhere different every few days. Another reason is that I don’t want to burn out on photography altogether and I was feeling a little burnt out in 2013. With the first full weekend of shooting being Jan 17-21 (Martin Luther King Holiday weekend) I can say I love the way it worked out! The next session date is March 15/16. (February I am going to a photography convention and doing taxes.)

The Miller Family is one of my families on the baby plan. They came out to get 6 month photos in the venue for January and it was such a nice change of pace from my normal studio work. In the winter, it was nice to have a different indoor option.

I can’t wait to see how much more Jimmy has grown by cake smash time!











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A year removed..

At this time last year, I had just announced our second pregnancy, and I was so so so excited, scared and also exhausted. If you have followed this blog, that was pretty much the only thing I blogged here. A year ago, I told the story of our second pregnancy and subsequent loss at 13 weeks pregnant. I haven’t had a lot to say since then.

I have rejoiced with those who have had pregnancies and sweet, squishy babies. I have been honored when they wanted me to photograph them, but I took a huge step back from photographing and videoing births, both because I was sick/tired when I was pregnant and becuase I was upset after my misscarriage and didn’t want to carry that into a birthing room.

When the dry spell finally broke in November, with the second baby of one of my very first birth clients, the first person I ever used video on. I just love them and was honored to be there for them again. It was like deja-vu, but through the lens of what I have gone through since then, it was very different. My eyes could see things in a different way; a more cautious, grateful and solemn way. I can see miracles for what they are now, not as something created by a man and a woman. I saw Cohen’s birth and was amazed at how good our God is.

I visited a hospital maternity floor again last month, this time, photographing the only portraits that will ever be taken of a sweet angel named Samuel, who was born sleeping. I had never done this before, even though I had looked into it through Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) (an organization where photographers donate their time and talent to capture bereaved families of newborns, specifically stillbirths.) I have never been more grateful to have been through the story of my life as I was in that room. I was able to be strong for someone else when they needed it the most. I was able to give them a gift they might not have had otherwise. It wasn’t about me, or my camera, or even the perfect angle or lighting. It was about service.

I have learned that perspective is everything, and nothing makes your day to day issues seem like molehills like seeing a bereaved family mourn the loss of an infant child.

I have come a long way in the year since our loss. And though I still think of that sweet baby that would have been, and it never really has seemed like that was the life meant for us. A year removed and it doesn’t feel like someone is missing. I think the purpose of that experience has been shown to me, clear as day. And I am grateful for the way it has broken me down even further.

I have never felt so much like my life isn’t about me.
I have let go of insecurities that have held me back.
I don’t let my fears get in the way anymore.
I just go. I just do. I just trust in the process that is life.
I have faith that no matter the moment, no matter the place, no matter the situation; that I can and will be whoever Christ wants me to be in that moment, place, situation through his spirit in me.
I have peace that passes understanding and the strong desire to help others understand what that is and how to lay hold of it.

All that to say, I am back.
I’m blogging here again.
I am ready to share the sweetness that is my life and maybe along the way, I can let go of even more things that weigh me down in this life.

Maybe someone out there will be encouraged to let things go too?

I certainly pray for that.




Meet Cohen. He is a miracle. Just like you.

Meet Samuel. He went ahead of us. I can’t wait to see him again.

Dawn - January 23, 2014 - 10:33 pm

I have lost two babies and it never goes away. I love my children dearly but always will mourn a loss I can not explain to anyone unless they too have. Your writing is profound and touches me deeply. Welcome back and thank you for touching my heart. With love and sincere admiration, Dawn

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The Baby Plan!

So far over 10 families have graduated from The Baby Plan and two have gone for another round with baby #2! It has been an awesome thing for everyone involved.

The Baby Plan is a specially designed program for growing families – offering a discount on booking when you schedule a year of sessions at once. Typically a variety of Pregnancy Announcement (includes design for 5×7 card to print and share with your family/friends), Maternity, Newborn, 6 Months, One Year.

FIVE  sessions w/ digital files
Pregnancy Announcement (with 5×7 design), Maternity, Newborn, Six Months & One Year
$2499 — $147/ month for 17 months

FOUR sessions w/ digital files
Maternity, Newborn, Six Months & One Year
$2099 — $140/ month for 15 months

THREE sessions w/ digital files
Newborn, Six Months & One Year
$1575 — $131/ month for 12 months

TWO sessions w/ digital files
$1100 — $92/ month for 12 months

ONE session  w/ digital files- $575

ONE session with ordering session to buy products- $199

What is included?

Your choice of sessions ranging from pregnancy announcement, maternity, newborn (in-home), 3, 6, 9 & 12 months.
Digital galleries come with most collections – they house images in the cloud for download – you will be instructed on how to back these up.
Discounts on Birth or First 48 hours sessions. Just ask!
Wall Art assistance and discounts on wall art groupings.


Can I order products? How much?

Print collections start at $150.
Yes, Canvas Wall Art starts at $150 per piece.
Wall Collections starts at $550.


Do you have payment plans?

You will be billed in equal monthly amounts. They are listed above within the packages. If you prefer a different payment plan, please let me know!


Questions? email

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